About us

To us, a business is defined, not by what they sell or how they do it, but by the values it lives by. Aistra was born out of the desire to contribute to a cruelty free world by enabling people here in India to make compassionate choices.

We’ve been around dogs and cats more often than not in our lives. For pet parents like us who wouldn’t want to cause suffering to one species to feed other species, there aren’t many ethical options available in the market. Our companion animals are very dear to us, but so are our values. While we can’t expect animals to turn vegan, we can still choose a cruelty free alternative that is nutritious, wholesome and tasty for our companion animals. This lead us to the idea of partnering with proven vegan brands and manufacturers across the globe that have an excellent reputation for making the finest foods.

For those who are already making the switch, it makes lives easier and for people who are thinking about making the switch, it makes the choice easier, even if by a bit.

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