FOFOS Blocky Meow Butterfly Wand with Catnip


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Your cat is a vicious predator in the wild and this wooden catnip toy with the stick, rope and bell is its poor prey! Okay, not really, but how funny is it to think that?

100% Organic US Catnip Inside
★ Strong Wooden Stick and Rope
★ Bell Inside
★ Size: 35 x 40 x 3 cm
★ For Kittens Above 3 months

Out of stock

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Who is this toy for? For kittens above 3 months as well as older cats.

Play techniques: These interactive teaser toys are a great way for humans to bond with their cattos. Cats can run behind this toy to chase or catch it. Once they catch it, they can lick/bite, paw it!

What is this toy made of? Wood & soft fabrics and comes with premium 100% organic catnip (quality-tested and sourced from the US).

Why should you buy it? This fun toy is an exercise in itself! Thanks to its many fun features like the rope, bell, ribbons and 100% organic catnip.

Fun fact: 66% of all cats carry the “Catnip Gene” that make them react favourably to the calming and stress-reducing catnip. Not sure if your cat carries this gene? Try this toy to find out!


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