FOFOS Vegi-Bites Corn


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Veggies are good for dogs but how about playing with them? Dogs get an option of materials to bite into. Like children!

★ Loud Squeaker
★ High Quality TPR / Foam Mix
★ Safe & Non-toxic
★ Small: For Dogs 05-10 kg
★ Large: For Dogs 10-30 kg

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Who is this toy for? All dogs above 12 months of age between 0-10 kgs (small) and 10-30 kgs (large) and is recommended for moderate chewers (These are dogs that like to chew & destroy a few things).

Play techniques: Dogs can chew, pounce on and play fetch with this toy. This toy floats and can be used for water play.

What is this toy made of? The green top is made from foam rubber and the bottom from high quality TPR. All materials are safe & non-toxic.

Why should you buy it? Floating toy, screaming squeaky, made from 2 different material. Bumps and ridges on the toy make it easier for dogs to hold this toy and aid in massaging their gums.


Large, Small

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