FOFOS Woodplay Bone


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This toy can be called a furniture-substitute toy because of its natural wood scent. The taste & smell of wood has always been appealing to dogs.

★ Great for Teeth & Gums
★ Contains Real Wood
★ Size: 13 x 16 x 7 cm
★ For Dogs: 05-20 kg

In stock

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Who is this toy for? All dogs above 12 months of age between 5-20 kgs and is recommended for moderate chewers (These are dogs that like to chew & destroy a few things).

Play techniques: Dogs can chew or nibble on this wooden toy to derive comfort and reduce anxiety/stress. It can also be used in a game of fetch.

What is this toy made of? A mix of real wood & non-toxic plastic.

Why should you buy it? Furniture-substitute toy. This dental toy has ridges and pits which get stuck food and tartar out, massage gums & make it easy for dogs to get a grip of this toy and carry it around. Keeps boredom & destructive behaviour at bay.

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